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Soulful Meal Plans

Creating a healthy lifestyle is about more than just making a change; it’s about realizing your worth. It begins with you. Commit to your goals with simple choices and simple ingredients. Choose health, choose happiness, choose you.

Meal Planning requires selection, measurement and a combination of ingredients in an ordered procedure to achieve desired results.

Meal Planning is beneficial for an individual trying to achieve goals, families who want to eat well-balanced and nutritious meals and those who need it for convenience and affordability.

  Contact Us to Order

Meal Plan Packages

Soulful Ingredients offers an array of meal options tailored for results and pleasure. Our team is committed to providing you exceptional service and are here to support you on your journey to healthy living. We understand that a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy, that’s why we’ve come up with a seamless strategy to ensure your success. We offer On-demand (Single Order), Weekly and Monthly options that will best suit your needs. If this doesn’t work or you need more support, one of our Meal Panning representatives will be happy to assist you.

How it works


Choose from our selection of healthy Meals, Snacks & Beverages.


We offer convinient pickup or delivery options.


Our meals are easy to reheat and are ready to eat within minutes.

Beef Roast
Roasted Vegetables
Featured Holiday Soup
Featured Holiday Salad
Holiday Squares
Eggnog Latte
Hot Apple Cider

Get Started

Contact one of our meal plan specialists below or call/text 249.500.3808 to get started today.

Frequently asked Questions

  • How has the recent COVID-19 outbreak affected our meal plans?
  • How do I sign up for Meal Planning?
  • Can I change or cancel my order after it's been placed?
  • Do you have a support team that can help me build my meal plan?
  • Do you provide a meal planning sponsorship program?
  • Is there a minimum order amount for meal planning delivery or pick up?
We have taken extensive measures to maintain a food safe and sanitary work environment to insure the safety of our customers. We are able to offer our full line of meals delivered free of charge to your door. Announcements will be made on social media and our website if things change.
Contact one of our Meal Plan specialists and we can assist you with your meal plan order.
Please provide us 24 hrs notice of any cancelations.
Absolutely. You can contact us by email at or by phone at 780.000.0000
Yes we offer a Brand Ambassador Program. On our home screen at, scroll down to our opportunities and you can Apply Online
No there is not. There is a $5 fee for each delivery, regardless how much the order is.

Customer Reviews

  • Parwez Ghuluam | Owner of Wolf House MMA

    Soulful Ingredients have done such an amazing job keeping me fed during my busy schedule. They have also helped many of my clients get into a healthier lifestyle, maintain weight, lose weight and other fitness goals.

  • Sarah West | Competitor

    The meal plans are not only convenient, but absolutely delicious. With tons of options to choose from, I’m never bored.

  • Tim Ackers | Loyal Customer

    I started the Soulful Keto diet and was in shock to step on the scale after 9 days of following the plan, to find I lost 14 lbs. The meals are absolutely delicious and easy to follow. This was the most effective way that I have experience losing weight.

  • Nick Felber | MMA Fighter

    Soulful Ingredients is by far the best meal prep company in YEG. Not only are the meals incredibly tasty, they set me up with a specific meal plan to cut weight and maintain muscle. I was able to drop 8 lbs in just 2 weeks with their meal plans. If you’re an athlete, avid gym goer or even just to cut fat and live a healthier lifestyle, I highly recommend contacting them. You won’t regret it!

  • Chad Lucanus | Youth Instructor

    Soulful Ingredients has helped a lot with achieving my goals in a short amount of time. Every meal is well balanced and delicious.

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